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What is AIXperiment?

AIXperiment is the Laboratory for Experimental Economic Research at RWTH Aachen University. Established in 2012, the laboratory is equipped with 30 computers and a server and is basically suitable for any type of computer-aided experiment. Flexible partitioning means that both individual work by the test subjects and team work are possible. Owing to the local networking of the computers, interactive experiments can also be implemented. As of February 2012, Professor Christine Harbring, who heads the Chair of Organization, was responsible for managing the AIXperiment lab, but in October 2013, management of the laboratory was transferred to the newly established teaching and research area “Experimental Economics”, headed by Professor Özgür Gürerk.

Who is allowed to participate in the experiments?

Anybody who is able to get to the premises of AIXperiment in Aachen. Unfortunately, the building is not sufficiently accessible for persons with mobility impairments.

Who is allowed to use AIXperiment?

The laboratory is primarily aimed at the departments and institutes of the School of Business and Economics at RWTH Aachen University with a focus on economic and decision psychological experiments. But students can also use AIXperiment, e.g. in the context of compiling their theses.

What is an economic experiment?

In economic experiments, (economic) decision situations are simulated. The laboratory offers the opportunity to observe the behavior of test subjects under controlled conditions. Exact controlling of the environment makes it possible to precisely analyze the effects of variations of individual factors.

How do I sign up for experiments?

If you are interested in participating in our economic experiments, please register on the homepage of AIXperiment. We will regularly send you email invitations to take part in different experiments.

Can I earn money by taking part in experiments?

Yes you can! By participating in experiments you will earn approximately as much as you would in a well-paid student job. However, the exact amount of money will depend both on your own decisions and the decisions of the other participants. In addition, “chance” will often play a role.

Are economic experiments painful?

Not at all! In economic experiments, economic decision situations are simulated. Economic experiments can sometimes even be fun!

Where do I find the AIXperiment lab?

The AIXperiment lab is located at Lochnerstraße 4-20 (Haus B) in52064 Aachen.

How long does an experiment take?

Experiments can take between 30 and 120 minutes. In a few exceptional cases, they can take longer. You will be informed about the expected duration of an experiment before you take part in it.