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Through our research we address organizational and personnel economic issues. To do so, we make use of game-theoretic and/or empirical analysis. Depending on the respective research question and the data available, we draw on experimental data obtained through conducting behavioral economic experiments in the laboratory. We also draw on survey data and company data. Our goal is for both our research and our teaching to benefit from the utilization of different methods.

The methodical focus of our work is the conduction of laboratory experiments. They offer the advantage of being able to investigate and measure differences in a controlled environment and to quantitatively test model-theoretic hypotheses. By way of contrast, company and survey data naturally provide a realistic basis for the respective scientific analyses, but frequently suffer from methodological problems.



This article of the Handelsblatt gives an impression of our research:


For our projects, we are reliant on regular participation in our economic experiments. These experiments not only give students the opportunity to gain further insights into this research method; students can also can also earn money by playing economic games. If you would like to register as a participant for our economic experiments in Aachen, please visit our website.

The main research focuses of our Chair are:

  • Organizational design
  • Trust
  • Performance measurement
  • Cooperation in organizations
  • Sabotage in tournaments
  • Career progression and personnel development
  • Cultural differences